Angie Banguebar
Renick's baby sister. She is two years old and was a surprise addition to the family.
Anngene Banguebar
Renick's mother. She loves having a large family and hopes that all of her child will settle close to her so that she can visit them often.
Arren Hobrin
The dragon knight that Thane is often assigned to work with on dragon knight training exercises and missions.
Dane Banguebar
Dane is Renick's 4th oldest brother, the brother just older then him. He is unmarried and although he has completed an apprenticeship as a smith, does not know what exactly he wants to do with himself. For now he is working as a smith on his fathers dragon ranch.
Grahm Vellentine
Grahm is a retired knight who works for Thane’s father. He is Thane’s escort and mentor. Average hieght, strong but on the slimmer side of builds. He has dark grey hair and a white and grey flecked beard. He has big hands and feet. His nose is very large and squat/smushed looking. His eyes are crystal blue. He has a pointy chin and a narrow face. Grahm is old enough not to have his age mentioned in Trusted. (Honored)
Greyson Banguebar
Renick’s oldest brother. He is married with two small children of his own. Greyson will inherit his father’s dragon ranch and thus is very involved with its running and workings. Greyson is of average height, and has a stocky build. His hair is light brown, wavy and short. He has blue eyes. Greyson looks more like their mother then Renick does.
Gunther Hork
A large, almost fat, hunter who works for Horrin. He is clumsy, has black unkempt hair, and muddy brown eyes.
Horrin Dragonslayer
The head of the dragon hunting expedition that kills Mythaari at the beginning of Trusted. He is one of the best dragon hunters and has survived many fights with his potential prey. He is missing his left eye, the right one is dark brown. His hair is brown when clean. He is strong and tall, a very imposing figure.
James Willingham
The porter at the Dragon Knight Barracks. He find Thane, Lainey and Renick to be very amusing.
Jon Banguebar
Jon is Renick's 3rd oldest brother. He is engaged to be married and works as a dragon tamer on his fathers ranch. Jon wants to set up his own dragon training business some day.
Josie Banguebar
Renick's second to youngest sister. She is seven and follows her older sister Mandy around everywhere.
Lainey Temrick
Lainey is an orphan who is currently the charge of her aunt Melatheen (on her mother’s side). She is 12 years old at the beginning of Trusted. She has straight blonde hair that falls to the middle of her back. Her bright grey eyes are framed by a oval face with slim lips and a pointed noses. Lainey is petite. (Kind)
Lord Krane
The lord of the manor in Trevinni. He has a large estate and sometimes hunts wild dragons for sport.
Loren Banguebar
Renick's uncle, his father's brother, who owns an operates a dragon stable in Trevinni. Renick is going to apprentice with him.
Mandy Banguebar
Renick's younger sister, the one just younger then him. She is ten years old and full of energy, and gives her mother a lot of trouble.
Marrkit Loren
A thin, skinny dragon hunter that resembles a weasel. He works for Horrin.
Melatheen Orthan
Melatheen is a healer that works and lives in Trevinni. She is currently Lainey’s guardian. Tall and slim with long limbs and digits. She has mousy brown hair and brown eyes. Her facial features of small and narrow. Her nose is slightly hocked. Melatheen is of the age where it is no longer polite to mention the exact number.
Milli Mendor
Loren Banguebar's cook. She provides food for Loren, Renick, and all the other people that work at Loren's stables.
Penter Banguebar
Renick’s second oldest brother. He is unmarried and plans to stay on at the ranch when Greyson inherits. He is not currently married much to his mothers dismay. Penter looks almost exactly like Renick except his hair is neater, his eyes are brown, and he is a little better built.
Renick Banguebar
Renick is the seventh child (fifth son) of a dragon breeder. He has four older brothers, three older sister, and three younger sisters. Renick is 14 years old at the beginning of Trusted.His hair is brown, short, and just curly enough to constantly look disheveled. His eyes are round and blue. Many describe him as skinny and lanky although he is of average height. (Trusted)
Sir Gregori
Commander of the dragon knights in Trevinni
Sir Oberron
On of the captains of the dragon knights, he is specifically assigned to work with the dragon knight squires and oversees their training.
Thane Shaytorrin
Thane is the second, and youngest son, of the Lord Shay of the Westfields. His hair is black, straight, and on the longer side. His eyes are brown. He has a square jaw and is tall and muscular. Thane is 15 years old at the beginning of Trusted. (Brave)
The Autarch
Horrin's boss.


Boren Underwing
Boren is a very large, gray dragon that works in the dragon mines.
Braug Shorttail
A dragon of the second circle he is very much for a war with humans. He is a small blue dragon with an unusually short tail.
Derth Wisescales
Derth is dark blue (almost midnight) with black scales. He is a member of the Third Circle and serves on the dragon council. He is Plyth’s great uncle and Wrytha’s brother.
Flyn Thorntail
Son of Grane Redthorne. He is a striking green on white and serves as a guard in the mines.
Folgyn Darkwing
A rogue dragon, he is completely black with red eyes. He was condemned to working in the mines for breaking the Code of the Dragon King. He escaped during a cave in.
One of the largest dragons still living he has gold scales with yellow-white spikes. He is the head of the Dragon Circle and the only member of the First Circle.
Grane Redthorne
Grane is a red dragon with black spikes. He is a member of the Second Circle. His youngest son serves as a guard in the mines.
Hyngarth Runningclaw
Hyngarth is a brown dragon that has been condemned to working in the mines for breaking the Code of the Dragon Kind. His years spent digging have caused him to be smaller and more slender then most dragons.
Junther Swiftwing
Junther is a red dragon who serves as a guard in the mines.
Mryx Clawmender
Mryx is a light green dragon with white spikes. She is an skilled healer.
Mythaari Swifttail
Mythaari is a gray dragon with gray spikes. She was Plyth’s mother and Wrytha’s daughter. The dragon hunters killed Mythaari at the beginning of Trusted.
Plyth Firetongue
A slate blue dragon with black spikes on his head, neck and tail. His eyes are also black. Plyth is considered to be a baby and is orphaned at the beginning of Trusted.
Wrytha Whitewing
Wrytha is a white dragon with silver spikes and translucent wings. She is Plyth’s maternal grandmother. She is a member of the Seventh Circle.

Domestic Dragons

An adolescent blue dragon housed in Loren's stables. Renick can never remember his name.
A massive (for a domestic dragon) gray with white markings and claws. Housed in Loren's stables.
A small dragon that Renick has become very close too. Housed in Loren's stables.
A green dragon housed in Loren's stables.
Arren's green dragon mount. She has not back or neck spikes (which is unusual) and so Arren has special reins and harnesses made for her.
A red dragon housed in Loren's stables.
A yellow dragon housed in Loren's stables.
An ash colored dragon housed in Loren's stables. He and Renick do not get along because Renick's first task as a dragon hand was to groom Yen and it did not go well.