March 15, 2014

Trusted Blog Tour and Launch Party

Blog Banner Image crafted by the amazing Mikey Brooks

Here is the schedule for Trusted's Blog Tour. The links with a little star next to them have a dragon scale hidden on them. Each dragon scale that you find qualifies you for an entry in one of the two giveaways (details blow). There are also scales hidden on this site, the author's website.

Monday, March 17th

Interview by Prerna Pickett

Tuesday, March 18th

*Highlight by Jaclyn Weist

Thursday, March 20th

Interview by Adrienne Monson
*Highlight by Adrienne Monson

Friday, March 21st

*Feature by Laura Bastian

Sunday, March 23rd

Highlight By Sherry Gammon

Monday, March 24th

Interview by Krista McLaughlin

Tuesday, March 25th

*Interview by Alison Wood

Wednesday, March 26th

*Guest Post hosted by Mikey Brooks

Thursday, March 27th

Release Day and Facebook Launch Party

Friday, March 28th

Excerpt revealed by Lindzee Armstrong
Highlight by Donna Weaver

Saturday, March 29th

*Excerpt revealed by Wendy Knight

Monday, March 31st

Highlight by Jae Randall

Tuesday, April 1st

*Interview by R.J. Craddock

Wednesday, April 2nd

Guest Post featured by Stephanie Worlton

Thursday, April 3rd

*Interview with Janice Sperry

Friday, April 4th

Highlight by Cassie Mae


There will be two chances to win a $10 gift card to One before the release and 1 after.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway